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Greetings from Sofia, Bulgaria!

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Hi, everyone. I've lurked for a while and have now decided to take the plunge - sorry about the pun..... ;)
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welcome aboard, Jim. what brings you to the Router Forums ?
I'm a DIY routerer (if that's a real word :cool:) rather than a pro or a craftsman but it's always good to read what others with more skill and knowledge are doing, hopefully it'll inspire me with more than just plain envy! I decided to stop lurking and actually sign up due to a problem which I've now posted in another section of the forum.

In this neck of the woods, getting proper advice from people who really know what they're doing is a tall order.....
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Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to Router Forums. We have members here from all over the World.

Learning how to achieve precision in your work is something that we all fail with at first, but learning tricks and measuring techniques with additional experience and help from others will greatly improve your projects and the enjoyment of woodworking. Post photos of your work, especially when you have a problem, but also when you complete a project successfully. Showing in a photo frequently helps us understand your problem much better than just words. You will get better, and more replies to help solve your problems or give you alternate ways to get you back on your way to project completion.

G'day @JimJay , welcome to the forum.
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