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Greetings from the Great Pacific Northwest!

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I have been watching the PBS router workshop episodes lately and finally made it out to the website. Haven't had time to really look around yet but it sure looks like lots to see.

I retired last year and have been working on getting my shop in order. The house we bought has a detached 32 X 24 workshop with 10' cielings that was unfinished. After insulating and sheetrocking I installed 24' of workbench with cabinets (base and wall). My next step was to build a dust collection system with ductwork to various locations in the shop along with a hanging fine dust filter. I epoxied the floor and am now ready to start working. I have a good table saw, 8" joiner/planer, bandsaw, jig saw, and lots of miscellaneous tools.

The router workshop opened my eyes to the many uses of the router and am really looking forward to using routers. I had two sears routers, 1 and 2, horse, with fixed bases. I just bought a 3 HP Hitachi M12V plunge to round things out.

I think my first project will be to build a nice table, similar to the ones that Bob and Rick use but would welcome all suggestions or recommendations. I have orderd Hylands books and that should help a lot. Also, I have a basic Sears brand router table but I don't think it is really sufficient.

As far as experience is concerned, I have built things over the years but have never had the time to really work at it. Since I have the time that will certainly change.

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Chuck, glad to have you with us! With the description of your shop you sure have a nice one. Welcome to the forums!
Chuck, its great to see you, welcome to the forums!
Welcome to the forums Chuck. Glad to have another retiree join us. Your shop sounds great. Larger than most. 10' cielings are really nice. My 8' are ok but you have to watch long pieces. What did you use on your floor? Are they wood or concrete? I need to finish my floor which is concrete. It will make clean up easier. As for the table. "" has all you will need. They sponser this forum along with others. Again welcome.

Chuck welcome to the forums.
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