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Greetings from the Pennsylvania Wilds

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I have been "ghosting" these files for a while, and finally decided to join in the fun. Got back into serious wood working because my older son decided to build a new house and do the interior finish work himself. Decided NOT to do the log cabin thing, but wanted T & G Knotty Pine paneling in the main portion of the house. We began with decking, skidding, loading and hauling White Pine to a local mill for sawing and kiln drying. At this point (8 years into the project) we have processed 11,000 bd.ft. of paneling and all but the ceiling in the clear story (25 ft. peak) has been installed. Along the way have been numerous side tracks including making cherry wainscot and trim for the "Pool Room". Those logs were actually cut when clearing the lot for the house. We have taken over the two stall garage and turned it into a decent wood shop with a Belsaw planer - molder, RAS, table saw, 6" jointer, two router tables, one of which has a power feeder, 22 - 44 drum sander, band saw, plumbed in dust collection system, Drill press / mortise, and a lot of hand tools. Over the years, we have been side tracked on other projects for family and friends. I will try to post a few items later. Thanks for allowing me to join. Hopefully I can contribute to the discussions.


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Welcome to the forum. :)

A friend of mine had a co worker that built a log house . He regretted it after trying to heat it .
Nice looking house btw
Welcome to the router forums family. Hope you enjoy your stay. We look forward to seeing more of your projects.
You do nice work.
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum Bill. I'm looking forward to the contributions you can make with all that experience behind you.
Welcome. I think there are a few members who have a fantasy of doing what you've done, but never got around to it. Thanks for the pictures and hope you jump in to some of the discussions. It's fun to share knowledge.
Welcome Bill. I too was a stalker for a while before coming out....I'd say you're likely more a contributor then an asker....beautiful work and the fly rod case is down right gorgeous. So, will the garage ever be a garage or is there a proper shop to be built in the future? Back when I was doing HVAC, mostly design build zoning systems, I had a customer from Canada that bought a house for his retirement home. His western windows faced the Blue Ridge Mountains and was a fantastic view. The house while having great bones was something that required a great deal of work. He hired a New Zealand boat builder which I though really strange.....until I saw what he could do.

While most of the work was done with minimal power tools and my part of the work was being done in stages as the house progressed....very slowly, I was blown away with the joints he was using for things like the trim around the windows. They were mitered but differently as he would do for his boats. The flooring was cherry as was most of the bathroom and kitchen.

In the course of about 2 years the house had gone from what I had thought would have been better to bulldoze to a masterpiece. Every detail was carefully planned and executed to perfection. I'm sure he knew of a few mistakes but only he would ever know where they were. The spindles for the staircase were all turned by him as were the stair treads carefully hand picked and placed. Made my job of designing and installing an water source geothermal heat pump system with 11 zones look like child's play. Each zone of course had it's own schedule and set points for heating and cooling. Sometimes I miss those days until I think of the attics and crawl spaces I've been in.

The home you guys built look every bit the craftsman's home and not your typical builder type. Again welcome to the group, looking forward to more pictures.
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Welcome to the Router Forums Bill.
G'day Bill. Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum. I love the bamboo rod and outstanding case! Looked into building bamboo rods but the outlay of $4-5K for a startup killed the idea.
Welcome to the forum, Bill...

You've built a beautiful home...and the bamboo fly rod case is spectacular...

I, too, will be moving to Pennsylvania...soon as I find the "perfect" house along the Delaware River area (Pike/Monroe/Northampton). Fully intend to use my future 2-car garage for a shop as you did...
Welcome to the forum

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