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Greetings From Tokyo Japan!

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As it is only polite to say hello and introduce one's self before entering a conversation, that is what I'm doing.

My name is Stu, I'm a Canadian (from Kelowna BC a while back) living and working in Tokyo Japan. My lovely wife and I run her family's liquor shop (yes you read that correctly!). When I'm not busy working, I do some woodworking for the shop (building shelves for the wine, and some cabinets etc) and for my family. We have a 7 floor building, which we live in the top 2 floors (it is nice, but not that large) and I have a woodworking shop in the basement. It is not large, and egress is through a hatch, but all in all it sure beats almost anything any of my buddies here have!

I'm here as I got pointed to this place by some kind soul on another BBS (I don't know if it is a no-no to mention that other BBS, so I land on the side of caution). I'm building a router table, got it just about done, and I'm going to be making a bunch of raised panel doors for a renovation in the liquor shop.

You can see my website in my sig below, and if you have some time to kill, take a look.

I was always taught "there are not dumb questions, just dumb mistakes" so I'll be doing my best to live up to my teachings....

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Ohio gozimas? Stusan, welcome to the forum. My Japanese is as good as my Spanish, and it's all Greek to me. You have come to the right place. This is a really NICE forum. Excelent advise, knowledgeable friendly people, and it can be fun too. I too feel there are no dumb questions, only dummies who wont ask. Enjoy and welcome.

the "Doctor"
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