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Greetings:one and all. Chet

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I am a retired pro symphonic musician who along the way learned the craft of bow-making-violin,cello,etc. My interest not only in routers, but all related woodworking tools made it possible to pass the little (so it seems) to others. I spent 2 years as the main instructor for a woodworking club that has since gone belly-up. Just turned 80(eighty) years young. Again I send greetings to all.

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Welcome to the forums Chet. Always glad to have another retiree join us. Just 80 yrs. young. Congrats!
Welcome Chet. It's been 31 years since I last touched a cello, and the musical world is a better place for it! I am interested in the idea of building a simple musical instrument. I have lots of reading to do!
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