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Holland Whitten, Gun Barrel City TX

Trying to fix an old Craftsman Router...
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Hello Holland - welcome to the forums - lots of knowledgeable friendly focus here - even the ones from Texas.

Fill out your profile so we know how to help you. What exactly is wrong with your router and how can we help?
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Hey, Holland; welcome!
If you were serious about the "old" part, replace it with a new advanced technology router. 1/2" collets, soft start, and electronic speed control are just three of the best reasons for upgrading.
Most of us have 'old' Craftsman routers lying around in our shops, but they aren't usually the one we reach for.
Sort of like the old beater you first learned to drive in. Betcha it's not still in daily use... :)
Welcome to the forum Holland.
Welcome to the forum :)
Welcome to the forum, Holland! Yep, complete your profile so it shows your name instead of N/a and your location.

I had an old Craftsman router but ditched it for a Bosch 1617EVS so I'm not much help to you.

WOW! How cool is that?
Wish I lived in GUN BARREL CITY.
Welcome aboard.
Hi Holland and welcome. I'm curious how Gun Barrel got it's name.

The biggest issue with Sears routers is finding parts and they don't have to be all that old for you to have that problem. An old Sears router even if it is working well is only worth about $20 tops so you should factor all this in when trying to repair an old one.
Welcome to the Router Forums Holland.

What is wrong with the old Sears router? Like mentioned before it might be hard finding parts for the router and if you can find them they may be too high to justify the cost to fix it. It might just be better to buy a new router. A kit with straight and plunge bases would be a good investment.

Here is the history of the city,_Texas About 70 miles from me.
WOW! How cool is that?
Wish I lived in GUN BARREL CITY.
Staring down the main street of Gun Barrel would be just a little intimidating. I'd rather live in the village of Trigger Finger.
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