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Hi skilachi, glad you jointed the fun. This is a good place to learn, it helps us reply if you give a list of the tools you have, updated as you add more. There are so many ways to accomplish almost everything in woodworking, so we may look at your list to suggest alternative ways to do what you want.

I've attached a pdf of the 18 or so things that helped me get going. It covers a lot of ground and tools that you may or may not ever want or need. I also hope it saves you from spending money on stuff that isn't useful. It's pretty long, but has pictures.

It took me about 15 of my highest income years to buy all my stuff, so don't think you have to do all of this at once. The key, to me, is the very best table saw you can afford. Forget the miter saw, it's not really that useful. Do ask a lot of questions, we all love to give back all the help we got along the way.


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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