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Hello from the Nevada desert! Las Vegas is truly lovely!!! We just moved in this summer to our new home in this whole new world (new to us that is). I have been busy making shelving and getting settled. Shelving for my partners vast record collection, shoes, and of course.........for the garage. Everything in it's place right? What an understatement for organizer freak. Current dream: covering a whole wall in one of our tiny bedrooms with cubicles and cupboards with a Murphy bed right in the center. Fun fun. Wood = a sickness. But a happy sickness.

I wear a lot of hats :) (none of them very well..... ;)
Artist, HomeCoordinator, Landscaper, Pool Supervisor, OrganizerExtrordinaire

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Hello Lezza, Welcome to the forums!
Welcome Lezza to the forums. Sounds like you a monster shelving project ahead of you. Pull up a chair and enjoy the forum. :cool:
Welcome "Many Hat's"

Hi many hat's, :D welcome to the forums. It is good to have another female on the forum. Glad you decided to join. :D

the "Doctor"
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