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Name: David Froman
DOB: 12/30/62
Residence: Near Boston
Originally: Oklahoma

Routers, etc...: PC890 Fixed, Plunge and table mounted bases, Bosch RA1180 router table. Makita 10" table saw.

Current Projects: First, build some shelves. Then a bigger router table.

Experience: Last used a router around 1978.

Other Hobbies:
- Old Big Iron Computers: Current collection includes Cray Y-MP EL98, Sun Enterprise 6800, Enterprise 3500, Enterprise 450, Enterprise 220r, 2x A3500 arrays (approx 5.6TB storage).

- Bicycling: Scarily enough I own more bicycles than computers. Highlight: Finished 8th in the 2000 Plattekill (NY) Downhill Mountainbiking race series (novice division).

Genesis of Gazzalodi - My downhill race bike is outfitted with tires made by Nokian, called Gazzaloddis.

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Welcome to the forums Dave. With a name like "Dave" you can't be all bad. :D Glad you joined our group.

Dave :p
the "Doctor"
Welcome to the forum Dave its good to have you here. Regards Bob and Rick
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