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When you sharpen your own chisels and wood turning knives, you’ll find it necessary to set your grinder or sander support table to different angles for different tools. Of course, you’ll find it necessary to repeat the previously set angle, to avoid removing valuable steel from the tools, and to get consistent cuts.
Gotta disagree on that one. When I had a lathe, I sharpened my lathe tools on my belt sander, just trying to keep the edge close to factory. Chisels, the same way. Been doing this for something over 20 years, with no issues. Originally got the idea from reading about one of the world famous furniture makers, he did just that, and i t's been so long ago can't recall just now who. A plane blade now, does need to be exact, my reasoning for that is, the blade always cuts at the same angle. Chisels and lathe tools however are at a slightly different angle for each cut. So even if the blade angles are at the exact same angle as the factory made them, the cuts are going to be sightly different each time. A case of, close enough is good enough. As long as the front of the chisel is square, or very close to it, should be no problems at all. Saves loads of time resharpening. I first started with a cheap, very cheap, set of HF tools, when I first got my lathe. Figured I'd practice with them until they wore out , then upgrade. They never did wear out, they worked great, and finally sold my lathe. They did dull quicker than a quality set would have I believe, but it only took a few seconds on the belt sander, and good to go.

Yes, I'm sure a load of you will disagree on this, but it works just fine for me, and I will continue doing it. Works on pocket knives too.
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