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Grizzly to move out of Pa.

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For those who have not yet heard Grizzly is consolidating its Muncy Pa. operation with their Missouri location. Last day of shipping and retail operations in Muncy Pa. will be October 31, 2015

If your from around the area, or don't mind a little road trip, now might be the time to pull that trigger:

Shop Tools and Machinery at
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I was there several years ago and was pretty impressed at the extent of what was available, from smalls like hand tools and accessories to the big boys they are well known for. There were lots of good "sale" items available and it was well worth the trip. I have always wanted to check out the tent sale but was afraid i would get carried away, and i really have no way to transport big items. (Not all folks who live in the rural world have pickups....)
I am sorry to hear they are leaving the area. The location is pretty handy, right off the interstate and a lovely area to see, to boot. There are also other types of shopping options available for those less inclined to the tool attractions.
The elk are amazing animals and the new visitor center in Benezette is well worth a trip, esp as the hills display the inevitable fall colors. Just be SO careful driving. They seem to not have the same suicidal mentality as deer and do not race out into the road, but any collision would not go well for anyone.
And i have always thought, esp after seeing them in person, "Thank god they are not carnivores!"
1 - 2 of 57 Posts
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