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Grizzly to move out of Pa.

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For those who have not yet heard Grizzly is consolidating its Muncy Pa. operation with their Missouri location. Last day of shipping and retail operations in Muncy Pa. will be October 31, 2015

If your from around the area, or don't mind a little road trip, now might be the time to pull that trigger:

Shop Tools and Machinery at
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JT... according to their announcement, actually business is quite good, logistics seem to be playing a major roll in their reasoning to relocate the facility...I was up there once years ago and it was quite impressive. Since they have their "tent sale" items up for sale early....I just might have to take a road trip next week....
I have always wanted to go there, and see all of there goods, but by the looks of Your photo, it would take longer than I have time to go and check everything out! Thanks for the report. Is every thing there first class tools, or are some of them third rate stuff that works for a few days and break?:|
Well Howard, I'll tell ya...I would say it could easily take the better part of an afternoon to check everything out. Is everything first class???? I doubt it to be honest. I"m sure they have their share of 'low end' merchandise but I think its safe to say that when it comes to the value they bring to the table, they are hard to beat. AND all indications are they they are BIG on customer service and satisfaction. If I go, I'll be looking for a bandsaw and possibly a tablesaw as well....both of which I'd be looking at, regardless of a sale or not...
Doug... your making this very difficult !!!! :)
ut ohhhhh

good news is, wifey said OKEY DOKE.....

bad news is, she said she can make the trip with me...

ohhhh now dat just ain't fair!!!:crying::crying::crying:
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welllllllllllllll.... barring any unforeseen problems, were heading out in the morning, real early to get there real early. 3 1/2 hr drive one way. they open at 8:30am. Since there's no way to find out or reserve anything about whats available. Just gonna have to wing it....I could come home with a truck bed loaded with goodies and a very quiet wife, or an empty truck bed and a very happy wife....

I gotta say the wife has always been at the very least reasonable when it comes to my tool purchases..:) so I really can't complian
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what a )&^(*^#%%$^ day!!!!
Well gentlemen,,, the day got off to a rather rough start:

it took 40+ years of driving but I finally hit one about 10 minutes into the trip


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After a quick check on the doe and the truck, I said the hell with it, I"m getting a bandsaw today... consoled the wife a bit (she's a big deer lover) and off we went. Damage was/is all cosmetic, with other than the obvious needing replaced, the condenser/radiator/radiator fan all need replaced, but were fully operational and didn't hinder anything.
The occasional chatter of the fan hitting the radiator had to be ignored at times *L* So other than looking like one of the ole Sphinx brothers, we were good to go.

so anyways.. for the 2nd time MapQuest gave me some bogus directions. Sent us out of our way by about 45 minutes one way. We dug out the ole road map, figured out what we needed to do and got it all squared away. Arrived at Grizzly around 9:45am...parking lot was not full of cars like i had expected. Quite a few, but not nearly as packed as you might have expected. I swear I heard the angels sing as I walked into the door :) Just so much equipment in one place is awesome.

In total, there was probably in the neighborhood of 25-30 buyers browsing around the place. I grabbed the first salesman I could find and asked where the scratch and dent area was located. He pointed me in the right direction and the wife and I made a B line for it. I gotta say, that either my expectations were way to high, they just didn't have much in the way of scratch and dent merchandise or I just missed something (doubtful). The scratch and dent area was in the back of the store. All of the equipment that had something wrong with it, had notes describing what was wrong and the parts required to fix it. That i thought was pretty cool. At least you knew what you were getting into. Alot of metal working machinery on hand and the like. Some accessories and only 2 bandsaws. 1 I wouldn't even consider and the 2nd already had a SOLD sign on it. 5 or 6 tablesaws. 2 were pretty much parts machines, 1 slider, 1 12" saw and a couple of 10's that were going for 1400. Very nice saws, but a bit over priced for what all was wrong with em. Several what I would consider really good deals on woodworking lathes. I asked if there was anything else they were planning on bringing out. NOPE..what was out was what they had. So off the the sales floor we went...

Have to say, there is nothing like being able to compare first hand one machine to another... looked em over, see the specs etc...Hand an idea going up what I wanted so I kinda focused on that particular saw, comparing it to the others. I wasn't really sold on the ceramic guides alot of their saws had so in the end, I had em load up a
GO513X2. I asked the manager that if they would just give me the saw, I"d make sure to mention them at least once a day on the forum and the more they would anti-up the more free advertising they would get *L*... he laughed, said cash, check or plastic.. the guy had a sense of humor and seemed to know his way around the band saws. I wanted a 1" blade and he pretty much talked me out of it. said the 3/4" will give much better results for resawing. We left the place with 3 additional blades and a pretty nice, fully warranted Grizzzz.. I'll post a thread on the saw once I get her up and running... I got to tell ya , this saw is a beast...400+ pounds and it looks twice as big in my shop as it did on the sales floor.


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Are you picking on those poor Odocoileus virginianus? Sucks! Been there, done that (several times) and got the tee shirt. Last time, like you a new front on the truck, also.

Definitely spoils the day. I'll assume that both you and the wife are alright?

Definite hazard living in PA. Old habits die hard, as a kid I was taught to watch for eyes on the roadside and sing out immediately. I still scan to this day when driving in the dark on a rural road.

Cheer up, buddy!
Thanks Bill... honestly, I got no problems with what happened. 40 + years of dodging em, it will catch up with you. *L* I felt real bad for the wife, she's a HUGE Bambi fan don't cha know... The air bags didn't deploy, the doe didn't tear off the hood and end up in the drivers could have been much worse.. the truck can be fixed, the wife enjoyed the drive and the day afterwards (stopped at her sisters in State College for lunch) and I got a new band saw...I've had worse days :)
Glad you survived the deer, and got a pretty new piece of hardware to boot.

I told my wife I was going to put a "the buck stops here" bumper sticker on the front of her Explorer a while back... she didn't find that very humorous. She did feel better when we got to the body shop and saw what a deer did to a small sedan.

have fun with the new toy!
Thanks Doug... she looks like a 21" saw in my basement.. Its kinda funny when compared to my old 12" craftsman.

I guess the word hadn't gotten out, there were at least a half dozen bedded down at the turn-around on my driveway this morning. They just watched me drive by on the way to work...
Great choice! Of course, we'll expect a full review of the saw. So, get busy!
Will do :)
Stop it, your making me homesick, on second thought, naw, I don't miss the snow.
Got 2 nice bucks hanging out this year. A REALLY nice 8 and what looks like a small 7. The 8 is a trophy. We havn't had a nice buck like him hanging around in a while.

sometime I'll tell you about "RUTT" night we had in the back yard about 10 years ago...
As skittish as deer are, its always amazing to me how they just run out in front of traffic. Over the years I've had to lock em up countless times. One thing alot of folks don't realize is that where there is one, there usually are several to be on the look out for. The truck goes in for repairs tomorrow. Just alot of plastic and a condenser, possibly a radiator and fan. All in all, I can't complain. Could easily have been alot worse.

Several years ago, Elk were re-introduced to area of the state. Benezett seemed to be the area where the elk would herd up. First couple of years there were several fatal accidents involving elk. Deer are one thing, but hit an elk and its just not going to end well. They are seemingly huge animals. Especially if you've never seen em before. First time I went up to spot, along the main highway up there, I saw 2 7x7's. 1 grazing on some rose bushes not more then 25 feet off the road and the 2nd was laying down in a front yard, no more than 50 feet from the road. Came across several cows and their calves grazing along the roadside
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It's quite the tourist attraction up there from late summer thru the foliage season.
they are indeed!!! The wife and I head up that way often to check out the leaves. Usually take 555 then loop around back thru St. Mary's and Ridgeway, then South back home...Hit it just right and its an unbeatable fall drive. Usually up there during mid-day so not many Elk are often seen. Early evening seems to be the best time.
What always amazed me, is that every year someone hunting in Elk County PA always managed to shoot an Elk by mistake. How can you mistake an Elk for a white tail? As our buddy Stick would say, citidiots!

Once, as a kid, I was visiting relatives in Owego NY. I saw some dumba** from NY City with someones donkey strapped to the hood of his car. So, nothing surprises me now.
now that is just too funny!!! Ya just can't fix stupid!!!
Don't make any special trips to the PA store. And, leave that 10% off coupon at home. The coupon will not be honored and everything remaining in the showroom is 10% off the regular price.
yep, have to admit, sorely disappointing finding the hype was misleading.
Welp, got my truck back, they did a great job, all early indications are the bandsaw is everything I had hoped it would be and the community appears to be back on track..

Hell, I got no complaints :)
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