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I have a tracksaw, a screw fell out keeping the blade guard from retracting. Left a big gouge in my track when I set it down.

I have a 6" jointer, fence never ground flat and difficult to adjust levelness of indeed table because depth gauge is riveted in the way. Frustrating.

I have two shapers, couldn't figure out why the depth of cut on one of them wouldn't stay adjusted until the day the cutter popped up about 1 inch. Took it apart and discovered motor was never tightened down in mounting bracket; has worked fine since. Never had a problem with the other shaper although I made sure the motor mounting bolts were tight.

I know many people are happy with their Grizzly purchases and claim they are made in the same factories as other higher end brands, so I can only relate what happened to me, but I'm through buying Grizzly. I'm willing to pay more for better quality control if that's what it is.

In woodworking there is always more then one way to accomplish something.
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