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Ain't much value in bent screws for a guy like me! Unfortunately there are some vendors that seem to make habits of doing bad business such as that. In my businesses, we try to watch things pretty close. Screws are often sold by weight/quantity, but bent ones weigh the same as straight ones - so if it's often, you may wish to consider another vendor.

I learned that an employee in my concrete formwork business wasn't including the appropriate hardware with orders he processed. He is now a "former employee" because every time he was confronted about it - he would go into a rage. No room for that kinda behavior in my shop! Do it right every time or find another job - it is really quite simple.

I now have an extremely conscientious PLANT MANAGER that keeps them on their toes! Every order out the door is MY reputation!

Otis Guillebeau from Auburn, Georgia
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