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Finally getting around to remodeling our guest bedroom. My son did the sheet rock repair, textured and painted the room for me. And since he was busy this weekend to help me with the floors, I thought I'd tackle a little project, close to the heart!!

When this was my daughters room, she took it on herself, to paint her room. Daddy was to busy or to lazy, one of the two... Show she got tired of waiting and took it on her self. She was in high school at the time. Anyway, one of the "special features" she did to her room, was she got her 20 month old Niece and her 4 Year old Nephew to put their palm prints on the wall, right as you walk in to her room. Well, we couldn't paint over that, so I made a frame and cut some plexiglass and covered it up!! My wife picked the lavender color, as it will be her "getaway" room also! LOL And she wanted white trim. But I talked her into letting me do whitewash instead. My first time, and I do like!! Doesn't show good in this little doorway. But going to build a headboard and a shelving unit that will be whitewashed, along with all the trim. But next, I'm waiting for my son to have some time to run and pickup the flooring.


1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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