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Guidance for making wood signs

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Please email me with any help and guidance on making a wood sign with a router, I'm new to routing and haven't bought one yet, I'll be starting out simple, home signs, signs for RV'ers, so anyone with this experience please email me with your expertise. I only need a 1-11/2hp router I'm told for this signmaking...but I'm open for all ADVICE....I only have a small area to work right now....a picnic table....:) Please reply....Thanks Tom :rolleyes:
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Correction... Post the information HERE so we can learn too... :) :) :)


W e l c o m e . . A b o a r d !! Tom.
Hi RvGuy
You have found the right place to get some help and guidance on making wooden signs,
Just click on the link below and read all the links that have SIGN in the headed..

Bj :)
Is there a device similar to the Turnlock Signcrafter that provides for routing "vertical" lettering?
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