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english said:
Am duplicating 'knuckle joints" (split or bridal joints with a 1/4" roundover) from Paul Levine's "Contemporary Woodworking Projects". Since these joints have to be right on, he uses a 7/8" guide bushing and a 2" straight bit to clean up the joint after bandsawing/drilling out most of the waste. He suggests a 3/8" plywood template as a guide. My problem is this: I have only found 3/4" guide bushings available and all have 9/16" collars which extend below the bushing. Since the template is 3/8" and the height of the collar is 9/16" it seems logical that the bit will not trim the 3/8" of stock just under the template.

Am I seeing this correctly and if so, what's the solution?

By the way, nice to join the forum and thanks in advance.

Get out the hack saw and file !
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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