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Guide Bushings for Oak Park Base Plate

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Can you buy guide bushings for the Oak Park base plate anywhere other than Oak Park?

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The oak-park set is in 1/16" steps and that is a neat feature but if you want a set more like the 7-8 piece ones you can get them at leevalley.

If you get on the router workshop mailing list they have regular discount (-10%) they tell you about at oak-park. You will also have to get the centering disk from oak-park, I think it is less then $4 and comes with the shaft for the router. If you are going to use the guide bushings you need the tool for centering them.

If you have the oak-park plate I would also order a set of safety pins (3) just in case... They can get misplaced or lost in a hurry.

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I ordered the guide and pattern system from them a while back; and got a phone call [from Wendy] letting me know the guide pin/bushing were TOS. They were just about to start another run of them. They wanted to know what I wanted to do about shipping, [to hold the whole order till they came in, or ship what was in stock]. (Most) other places I've ordered items from would just ship what they have, and include a slip saying the rest was "back-ordered". I ordered a bunch of stuff, since most items were on sale.

I look at it this way, if I'm going to order from them, I'll send the $$ to get the whole package, that way I know everything will work together.
Welcome to the forums Jim B glad to have you aboard. In fact I have a base plate with the 1 1/2 hole and found that my bushing don't work that I have gotten from grizzly. At oak park the have the insert so you can use standard bushing the nut though is sold seperate so my suggestion to you is what I'm going to do instead of ordering on line I'm going to call for the parts because I'm not sure if the nut for the guides is the same as the one needed for the insert.
Hi again,

The lee valley part number is 04j26.20, it is a 7 piece set and costs $18.95 (US). You can also get the insert set 04j27.15 which is a 8 piece set for $17.50 (US).

So as to not confuse people the set is listed as 1-3/4" which is the counter bore size with the hole being 1-1/2". The pc standard has a 1-3/8 counter bore with a 1-3/16" hole. Why the different way of listing... I don't know but I own both sets listed and they work.

Thanks for the Information
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