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Had to make a coffin

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A friend that I worked with found his wife (62) dead when he returned home from work.
He asked me to build a coffin for her. This was a few years ago. We took the coffin to the funeral
home where she was placed in it (this is in Vermont). Than loaded the coffin and her my pickup
and drove to Massachusetts where she was buried. These pictures were taken in our driveway. This is
something you hope you don't have to build, but happy to help out a friend.


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I know they were pleased with it even though they probably were more concerned at the time about losing her. And you're correct - don't want to have to build one of those for anyone I know. Good job, Larry.

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I'm sure he appreciated it. You did a fine job of it.
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Looks like a lot of love went into it. Way to be there for your friend.
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Friends like you are hard to find. I’m sure you are greatly appreciated.
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An exceptional project at difficult time, and it looks better than most of the commercial ones I have seen. Well done.
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That is a nice piece of crafting. Good to have friends like you. I know that this was a comfort to them at their time of need and grief. My complements to you.
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Glad you took pictures so we can appreciate the good work.
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Larry you did such a nice job building this coffin. I know your friend was proud of it.
Not much to say -- but you deserve a pat on the back.
Hi Larry, haven't heard from you lately. I'm sorry that you loss your wife. And as others have said it is difficult to make a coffin for loved ones. A number of years ago I made my wife's mom and dad's caskets - her's out of cherry and his out of white oak. Then last year I had to make a casket for an infant. Those are hard to make since you know who it is for.

The wood in your's look like red had (possibly plywood) with padeuk trim. Did the lid just lift off and not hinged then screwed on?

It is very, very beautiful. Love it!

Malcolm / Kentucky USA
You did a beautiful job. My wife and I recently went to a funeral home to pre-plan her mother's funeral. The caskets on display were fairly expensive and had an ornate and impersonal feel to them. Besides the personal touch that yours conveys yours is so much more 'down to earth'. Well done. Your friend is fortunate to have you for a friend.
What a wonderful job you made of it.
Some years ago my late friend and fellow forum member Glenmore Henry intended to make a casket for himself and asked members for ideas. Unfortunately his health went down hill fast and he was unable to carry out his dream.
Malcom it was not my wife a friends wife. It was oak plywood and stained oak trim. The lid was screwed on.
Thank you all for the kind comments.
Great work. Major bummer.
Nice work. I can’t imagine having to do it.

Dad told me that my great grandfather made caskets for both of his daughters (4 and 8, my 6 year old (at the time) grandmother’s sisters) back in 1918 during the flu epidemic. He was so sick with the flu himself that he could barely stand, let alone from the grief also. I don’t think I could do it.
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