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Halloween is around the corner

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What suggestions do you all have for some Halloween cnc patterns.

If I like one/them I will make them and share as grey scale height maps.

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Got a few suggestions from a number of sites I follow.

1. Maybe a couple of tombstones with a Ghost floating.
2. Some tombstones with some bats above a scared cat in front.
3. A witch with broom in hand next to a cauldron.
4. Skeleton leaning on a tombstone with one hand
5. Ghost leaning out of the attic window of an old house smiling
6. Nasty witch
7. Halloween pumpkin (mine)

I'll start modeling and see what comes out.

Head Plant Pumpkin Eye Mouth
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Scary eeeviiil pumpkin for your cnc carving pleasure.

Face Smile Head Plant Hand
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This looks like fun.

The Mens Shed I attend has two laser cutters sitting idle.

I may have to investigate, as I may use the laser to make router templates in 1/4" (6mm) ply.

Let me know if you need anything different from the model. I made it for cnc specifically so don't know what is needed for laser.
Ghost over tombstone.

Draped a cloth simulation over a low poly/detail head, hands and then cut out some eyes. You get a ghost.

Product Sleeve Font Art Symbol
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Thanks Oscar, but I was looking at making router templates likes these....

(off to find my pics....LOL)
Wood Tints and shades Circle Pattern Symmetry
Wood Circle Symmetry Art Triangle
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bats around tombstone scene

Also, some graphics to use on your Halloween cards.

White Light Black Font Bird

Head Plant Pumpkin Window Calabaza

Head Eye Mouth Pumpkin Plant
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Cool stuff!
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Tom, thank you.

This next one gave me a ton of trouble to convert to a bas relief and then to a height map. Had to use multiple programs to finally get something decent. Blender for the model. Zbrush for the bas relief (obj file). Blender for the stl model. STL2png app to convert to height map.

I have not had a chance to run and get some poplar so I have not test carved any of the patterns. Let me know how it goes if you get to it first.

Photograph Drinkware White Dishware Black
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Last one in the series. This is my interpretation of a skeleton leaning on a tombstone. The final height map will have a blank tombstone so you can add anything you want with your cnc software.

Still playing with angles and camera view.

Bone Art Font Skull Publication

Jaw Bone Skull Helmet Wood
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I love your designs and don't want to sound ungrateful, but none of these are available for download and use, correct?

If they are, clearly I am missing something. Thanks
Thank you.

I see there is a small disconnect.

The grey scale height map images are a form of cnc patterns. The grey scale represents carving height data with pure black and white being the bounds of the floor and height of the carve. The grey scale in-between is the rest of the carve height information. The pixel location is the x,y info.

If you click on the thumbnail images to expand to full size, you can save them and use them for carving. I only ask folks don't sell the patterns themselves but anything you carve is your own to do as you wish.

The main issue is one of the most popular cnc software, VCarve Pro, does not give you the capability of converting the height map into an STL file. Aspire does have this feature.

The free program Blender 3d (other free software can be used as well) can convert the grey scale image to STL or other 3d format instead. So the patterns should be available to everyone though a little tougher to convert if you have VCarve.

Hope that helps.

I have a friend on another site who has already carved all these patterns for his grand kids using the grey scale images.
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Last one in the series. Skull on grave. This were all a ton of fun to make so hope someone finds them useful.

Happy Halloween 2022!

Jaw Bone Art Skull Font
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Haha everyone had the same idea I did. I made some bats and a few evil pumpkins
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We set up our haunted house this year again. Every year, we add a little. This year, we added the piano, and the tombstones which I carved into foam with my cnc router.


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