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happy as a pig in the proverbial

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well....., boys and girls, ladies and gentlemen, etc

i spent the first 25 years of my working life in as a QS in the UK (a QS is type of construction accountant / lawyer) I got to a fairly senior position responsible for £130m (approx $250m US) on jobs of around $400m US .

I'm now a self employed carpenter, biggest job was a kitchen equating to about $25,000 but most jobs equate to $1000 to $1500

I dont earn 1/2 the wage (or spend it), I burnt my suits, run a 5 year old Ford Transit van with 70,000 miles on the clock and I've never been happier.

Hence the title
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Hey TomB, welcome to RouterForums!
Hey we are as happy as we can be that you're here and enjoying life! Isn't this the time someone walks in and says "It don't get any better then this!"....

Welcome Tom! How can you go wrong when you love your job?
thanks for the welcome guys

reible and a niceone2 hold you asked do I love my job

Today I started repairing the last 3 box sash windows (the apartment has 16 windows) These ones are in the master bedroom, they are 8 feet high (the ceilings are 16 footers) each window has four 40lb weights and the sashes are hung on chains. Getting the sashes out was a bit on the difficult side because they have 120 years of paint on them.

Better than that this apartment has the four main types of box sash Standard, single side hung, counter sash (6 weights four sashes) and a "yorkshire" which is where there are three windows, but only the centre ones work (weight boxes in the far outside).

Ive fixed them all and ive only been going 2 years. Im being paid to do a job that many carpenters dont know how to. do i love my job. damm right i do
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Thats not a yorkshire its known as a a venitian. A yorkshire slides sideways.
Greetings and welcome to the router forum. Thank you for joining us, and remember to have fun, build well and above all be safe.

When you like what you do it's not about the money, it's about having fun.
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