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Happy Memorial Day 2023

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Happy Memorial Day 2023. To everyone that has served or anyone that has had a close family member serve, Thank you for your service.

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I saw our Flag today, The colors were faded looking a little tired but still standing strong and proud in the summer wind.
It reminded me of the Sons and Daughters of yesterday’s America who stood for my freedom years before I was born free in America.
Over time many may have faded away but the glory and honor of their service to America will never fade.

I saw our Flag today it flew bravely in the wind a bit tattered and worn but it's colors still strong , and proud over America.
It flies for the Sons and Daughters of America who fought for my freedom, battle tested and hardened to stand against the forces that would take away my freedom.
Like a battle flag they too stand in great pride and honor, battle scared , proud and selfless in their dedication to America and the freedom they protected.

I saw a flag today. The colors were bright, strong and proud as it embraced in silence and great honor a fallen hero. An American Hero who stood up and made a commitment to duty, to our America and gave all to insure countless generations will live on in American freedom.
Born in freedom and fallen in battle they will ever rest in the arms and hearts of a free and grateful America.

I saw a flag pole today. It flew no glory but stood silently in the wind empty and alone for the absence of our colors.
It reminded me of the Sons and Daughters of America who stood for my freedom who have yet to come home to the America they honorably served.
America can only be completely free when every one of her Sons and Daughters of Freedom can come home, home to the America and the freedom they gave all to protect.

Thank you American Heroes......On this Memorial Day and every day......I will never forget that I get to be here forever free because you were there for my freedom.

Thank you for our freedom and the greatness of our America.
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