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Happy to be here

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New to routering...have had one for years.....only rounded over edges . Love the projects and am anxious to make something

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Hey Mike, welcome to the forums.
Hi Mike and welcome aboard, this is the place :) to get all the info you will need about routers.

Bj :)
Hi Tom

I realy like the URL links, get Mark to put them in the Forum I'm sure the members and others would enjoy them also. :) :)

They are full of great information for the router user :) , I knew you where good but I didn't know how good until I readed the links.


Bj :)
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Happy to have you here Mike. Hope you get started on making more ambitious projects. Have a question, feel free to ask. Glad to have you aboard.
Welcome to the forums Mike! It's a great group.

1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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