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I have to cut 2 work bench tops from a 1-3/4" laminated maple slab
approx 25" x 48". I bought a 1/2" Amana compression bit with a 2" cutting length.
I was going to cut in multiple passes of probably no more than a 1/4" per pass and
blow the chips out of the groove as I go.
The suggested feed rate for chip load is 420 in/min
sounds way too fast to me the end grain is always the issue
Any suggestions would be appreciated
I agree, saw what's possible and use the router to come to dimension. You must NOT stall your feed when cutting hard maple. The result will be a burn. Take light cuts and feed as fast as comfortable for control and slow enough the motor isn't bogging down. Bogging down is as likely to render burns as going too slow. Maple is a balancing act with saw or router. Sharp tools are a MUST! Practice on some scrap to assess your optimal cutting depth and feed rates. The two are joined at the hip!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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