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Harmoni Style Desk Build Q

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Hi All...
Has anyone built a Harmoni-style standing desk? I have a rough idea of how to do it, but looking for some input. I did a rough cut with plywood scraps, which took about 15 minutes to cut out. Looking for anyone that has attempted to make such a desk, and if you found any traps along the way that I might avoid.
I do plan to make additional slots for the upper and lower shelves to move between.
I'm planning to use Maple for the build.
Thanks for any input :)
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(photo added by moderator)
I made a couple of these harmoni-style desks as well. A thing that took me way longer to figure out that I’m proud of was to have the main ‘slotted’ board square for using the jigs to groove out the slots. I did one where I cut the tapered sides in afterwards, and the one that you see pictured here where I just snipped the corners a bit :)
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Looks very nice, even better if you find it comfortable to work on! Great job....:)
Oh, I missed the question about the length of the support leg. I believe it to be around 16 inches long. But the measurement can vary depending on the thickness of material used, and the width of the slots. Have fun, experiment! :)
Welcome to the forum @Drizzly_Danielle
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I believe the Harmony Desks are still being sold online somewhere. Hope you can find one, or better yet try to make it. Really wasn't that difficult....
Take care
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