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I'm new to the Router forum. I was asking about Harvestboard (sheet goods made from straw) on the Wood Magazine forum and was directed to you. Several Wood members said that you had done a program using Harvestboard and that you might know if it is commercially available. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. We get your program on WYCC out of Chicago and enjoy it a lot.


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Hi Wallyblu

You can get the stock from HomeDepot and Lowes just to name two of many outlets.
Here's a link that will help you find a outlet near you.

Here's just two of the items Bob & Rick have made with the Straw/Harvestboard
See Below ▼

1205 – 1207 - Executive Desk: (Three Parts)

Beautiful cherry veneer with a core fiber-board made from straw is the chosen material for this executive office desk.
A butterfly bit and the router make facing the material with solid cherry a breeze for an uncluttered elegantly styled desk. Learn the router tips and techniques for building an office desk with file drawers and an impressive top surface.
Bob and Rick take us step by step through the executive desk in episodes #1205, #1206 and #1207 of the Router Workshop TV program.

1205. Executive Desk, Part 1
1206. Executive Desk, Part 2
1207. Executive Desk, Part 3

1212 - Blanket Box:

This box for blankets is paneled on all four sides and constructed of fiber-board made with straw.
This material allows either a clear finish (as we have used) or it can be painted or stained as desired. A plain rounded lid and castors for easy moving complete the features of this storage.
Watch “the Router Workshop” Episode #1212 for techniques used by Bob and Rick Rosendahl in the Blanket Box.

Bj :)
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