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Haven't posted in a while

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Been really busy with several projects and haven't posted in a while:

Water Plant Nature Wood Lake

Dock on our pond

Plant Wood Shade Tree Table

Start of an Aquarium stand for our 55 gallon. Will have fireplace under aquarium.

Plant Outdoor bench Tree Table Outdoor furniture

Bucket Garden (copied from fellow member).
Plant Tree Wood Shade Groundcover

Deck on Cadron Creek (white water kayak stream). Runs thru our property.

Wood Wood stain Hardwood Chair Gas

Distressed coffee bar for friend
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Wow, you've been busy! Nice dock. Are there any fish in that pond?

And that watering system is simple but nicely done. I take it you're growing vegetables in that setup. I like the stand. I like practical DIY projects.
I have a couple of timers, and they are really nice once set up. My very far rear property irrigation is on manual because I can't really trust the valves to work properly back there. It is all set up with schedule 80 (thick) pipe, buried, but if the automatic valve craps out, it lets water run and I can't detect it easily. We've had a couple of $400 to $500 water bills, so I do it manually now. It is all native plants now so it gets water only about once per month, a nice long soak in the evening so it doesn't just evaporate in the sun and heat.

It must be nice having fresh veggies with bass for dinner now and again. Does the pond have a natural water source? We had a friend up the mountain from us who had a pond that was refreshed from a spring, fed by snowmelt higher up. They used it for drip irrigation for their small orchard. Too small to stock, but they had the little mosquito eaters to keep the bugs down.
Those look like good eating! Fresh fish is always a treat. My younger brother was a fisherman. Here's a picture. He was good at it. He went out on the ocean on a boat with lot of other fishermen, and he regularly won the cash prize for biggest fish caught. Not bad, huh.
Fish Fin Plant Monochrome photography Recreation
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