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rbi hawk routershop : my experience

I have been receiving junk & junk e-mail mail from Hawk Wood working tools about their Router shop Router table.

Anyone have any experience with it?

Please post your pro & con comments

Hello my dear American friend,
Just a few words from an European luthier and woodworker.
I have bought a rbi Hawk routershop from the factory sales department and imported to Europe.The guys at rbi are really good sellers. My table is the worst investment I have done untill now. In a few words: it is not flat at all,it has a tendency to twist and warp.The Idea of joining a horizontal and a vertical table under a same tools was interesting.But whenever you look at the thing it is build of cheap unprecise material.It is easy to anderstand that you simply cannot achive a precise tool with unprecise cheap components.
The aftersale department is on vacation all over the year.But I am a happy guy I have the rbi Hawk 5 years of garantee...At this price I would'nt buy this routertable to use it as a flowerstand. Kind regards, routerfriend
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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