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HD3DRouter table complete

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Finally got the final touches done on my router table. Works like a charm. Thx for looking.....Rebel


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Great looking job there Reb. Looks like it was done by a professional cabinet maker.

the "Doctor"
Monday thru Friday im Jack Duren Cabinets but at night and on weekends im Rebelwork Woodworking DIY'er. Always something to learn and i appreciate these forums and what they give us.....Rebel
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Very, very nice - all it's lacking is some sawdust all over it! I wouldn't mind that one in my living room! Question - not sure I understand the dust collection hook up at each fence - it looks rigid to a central hub - do the fences adjust separately?
Pretty impressive work there. I'm jealous, oh well!
the two piece fences are permenant on the right side with metal dowels but the left side adjusts up to 1/16. the router table was designed to do only one task. make kitchen cabinet doors. but could be made to have about 2" of adjustment on this plan.....rebel
Man THAT is a nice looking project!! Congratulations. I fear I could spend the rest of my retirement trying and never end up with something that well done.
Birchwood said:
Man THAT is a nice looking project!! Congratulations. I fear I could spend the rest of my retirement trying and never end up with something that well done.
its really not that difficult. i figured out things as i went along. each day a new ideal. a little back tracking on the upper fence but was worth it.

its actually a fun project. because my shop has limited space as most of the woodworkers do i have to justify space for tooling. anytime i can get 2-3 tools out of one space its "bingo".....rebel
When in doubt, draw it out...

There's nothing better than a full size pattern. Patterns won't mean it's perfect once it's built, but it atleast give you a visual of the size and room it will take to have it in the shop.

At this point it is an awkward place and cannot give specific measurements. At some point maybe towards the end I'll try and give specifics to get a better understanding of size.
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Let's see if I can put the build on here before christmas and explain it as I go....

So ho ho ho, here we go...
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So the whole base is made from MDF. Except the top

Wait..... your not saying naughty things about MDF are you???????
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So the base, off the pattern which figures dados for it to slide in, is layed out off the pattern. I used dado versus cleats, etc for the best support.
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So with being a cabinet maker at the time I always cheat my dados by making them deeper than 1/4. A little deeper allows me to cheat if the angle depths arent correct but the cabinet its sliding in is wider or narrower than expected. Less or more is easily obtained without going back and recutting/refitting the exterior pieces.
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As you can see it goes on the side and slips in the dado I already cut out. There are 6 sides, but there will be 3 this size. Now while the pieces are loose, its time to cut the doors out.
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Really nice job, Rebel. The amount of time you'll save has to be worth every minute you have put into it. If you had the room you could make a similar unit for making drawer boxes. Or drawers without false fronts. Or the boxes.
There's so many ways to make drawers, it's really up to the seller to decide what he/she wants to sell.
When the commercial cabinet maker I worked for retired and sold out he had a DODDS dovetail machine he sold. His asking price was $1000. I sold dovetail drawers for $25 each. I couldn't afford it at the time and it had been years since I ran my cabinet shop. I regret watching it sell but I moved in to making furniture fulltime with no regrets...
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Here we have the door cutouts. These were cut out with the table saw but I don't recommend this for the diy er. I'm old school and In the late 70's, early 80's all shops used a a tablesaw and did blind cuts. It was the norn back then. Today with the advantages of new routers and the great options routers have brought to the table I would recommend a plunge router, a router template guide and a 1/8 plunge bit or just make a face frame. Using the tablesaw saw means a blind cut and cleaning up the corners with a jigsaw. . Much more smoother and cleaner with the router..
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As you can see in the photo , the bottom opening will eventually be for storage, and the top opening with be eventually for the router access
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Really nice job. It looks very functional.
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