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The first grey scale image is the pattern.

Sorry if you already know this. It's a grey scale height map image pattern. Each pixel provides the X, Y location and the grey scale from black to white provides the Z depth.

There are a ton of programs that can convert it to STL, free and paid. Unfortunately, VCarve Pro, does not have this capability. Aspire does. Fusion 360 can with a free add-on.

If you search online for image to STL there a bunch of services that can do this for free. Usually they will down rez the STL in the hopes you will buy their "up rez" STL (regular STL). But for this pattern, their down rez, should be good enough.

Also, just learned this, as I was confirming conversion online services were still available. The 3d printer slicer software, Ultimate CURA (free), can also use height maps and export as STL. I thought that was super cool.

You can convert STL to dxf using 3d modeling software like Blender3d.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts