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Heat Shrink Tool holders

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Hey all,
New to the forum but we are starting to look into getting a Heat Shrink Tool Holder system for our PCD Polishing bits for acrylic. Looking for recommendation on brand/type. We will be using mainly 1/4", 3/8" and 1/2" tool shanks. Let me know if you have any experience in these and what your opinions are on different brands. Thanks in advance!
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P.S. we are looking for a commercial induction heat or equivalent with a rapid cooling option. Not looking to do any manual heating with a torch.Thanks again!
Welcome to the forum....
Not sure I can help you there, but some one may be along who could answer your question....
Welcome, but that might not be something regularly covered here, if you don't get a good answer maybe try the sibling DIY forum it covers a wider range of topics.
Welcome to the forum.
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