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height adjustment

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OK so I have my router setup on my router works great...but one thing that I need to know is how to adjust the height on the bit while the router is still in the table.. its a real pain to get under neith and try to push the router up and hold the plate in at the same time...and I am afraid that if I attach the plate to the table that would be bad soooooo. could someone tell me how to easily adjust the bit height with out so much PAAINN??
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What kind of a router are you using? and how do you adjust the height when not mounted in a table? My experience is pretty limited, but maybe someone could help you with it if you gave a little more info. There's a lot of smart, experienced and helpful folks that hang out here.
i push down on the router springs and lock it into the desired just seems that it wouldnt be good on the router plate or table to keep pulling it in and out like that to adjust the height
oh its a black and decker router
OK, a plunge - mine is an old craftsman fixed base so I don't have that issue (I do plan to have that issue soon though). I would'nt think it should be hard on the plate or table to pull it out, adjust, and put back in (although I can feel your pain!) but like I said, my experience is very limited. Time for somebody who actually knows something to jump in here and prove my statement about the quality of the folks that hang out here!
I have no experience with a B&D router,but before I had routers that could be adjusted & bits changed while in the table I took the springs out of two routers. This made setting depth of cut easier,you would still have to remove from the table to adjust ,but you have to do that to change bits any way. The alternatives all involve spending money.


Hi: If you are going to use the router in the table, remove the springs. That way your not fighting the spring tension when you make adjustments. You can release the lock
and adjust from the top of the table by using the adjustment knob. Taking the router in and out of the table should not hurt anything anyhow. I have the Oak-Park table and I do it all the time, it's the only way to change bits and/or bushings. It sure is easy when the router is on top of the table. Woodnut65
go to the jigs forum. I gave an inexpensive way to build a micro adjuster. Take the springs out if you can.
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