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Hello all from Raleigh, North Carolina

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My name is Hasan .I am new member at this site,and I am new already at North Carolina
I have 4x8f CNC router machine, 4x3f Co2 laser machine
I need help from all of you to if it's possible to start my business.
And I am really appreciated this website admin and all members to accept me here
Thanks for all
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Welcome, Hasan. I know nothing about CNC or lasers but you came to the right place.
Welcome aboard. About 10-12 miles or so east of you. Don't know a thing about CNC machines, and not going to learn now. What type of business?
Welcome Hasan. We have some very knowledgeable members regarding CNCs.
Welcome to the forum Hasan.
Welcome to the forum
There have been several strings here on the business aspects of CNC. This is one that had lots of comments from people who are making money with their CNC. Lots of hints and tips, and a few cautionary items. I suggest reading the entire string:

I just reposted it and hope some of the CNC gurus will consider adding to it.
Hasan, Welcome to the Router Forums. What questions do you have?
Welcome to the forum, Hassan.
Thank you all

Actually I work with wall and house decorations
It's very popular in our country
But I am surprised that here few people know about it
Any way I have this website
And most of my project at Instagram Omega_arts_
I wish all see it and give me advice or who is the expected people may interest in this business
Thank you guys
@Wafa Best of luck with your new business venture Hasan.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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