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Hello All! Glad I found this forum!

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What a great forum. I'm relatively new to woodworking (1 year) and have recently gotten into a lot of free hand router carving, scripting and geodesic type pieces. Eventually would love to explore the CNC world, but one step at a time. Had a question for the group and didn't know if it went here or elsewhere, but let me know...New here and all.

I have an 8x8x8 in block of canary wood I'm going to (hopefully) make into a solid phone/tablet holder for my Mom for Xmas. 2 questions general and one router based.
First, I need to get this block into a relative shape of the example shown here. What is the best way to properly remove the bulk peices of the material from the block? I have though miter saw, chisel? I don't have a table saw yet so open to ideas.
Second, I plan on routing a thin piece of TBD wood with a pattern she really likes, going all the way through with the intent of exposing the canary underneath as a contrast to a darker top overlay. What is the best bit type to get a clean cut/edge on the piece? Not a lot of fine line work needed. Just crisp edges. Also, what should I bond the overlay to the main piece with that wont discolor/drip yet hold flush?

Thanks in advance!


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welcome to the forum.
tell us a little about your woodworking skills and what tools you have on hand.
Edit: if you have time, glue some soft pine 2x4s together the size of your block to practice with. do it a few times until you are comfortable with your methods before you dig into the canary wood.
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Sure thing. Mostly I do smaller items like cutting boards, bird houses, some utilitarian type stuff like a grill platform and a wheelchair ramp. Also have done some sign work which I've focused on recently. As for tools, I use a Bosch 1617 plunge/fixed router, miter saw, Bosch hand jig saw, Dewalt circular saw and then the other basics like impact and hammer drill, Dremell, etc. Also built a router sled to cover planning until I find one that fits my needs and isn't on backorder until 2024. :)

Great idea on the 2x4s. Will def do that as a test run or three. Love to hear your ideas and questions. Thanks!
Welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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