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Hello all new to the forum!!

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Pretty new to woodworking also, I have 2 routers an old black and decker delux and a craftsman....Question i want to get a good used plunge router and learn the art of routing...Any suggestions where to look? I have been checking out ebay but seem's some of them go for more than new.
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Welcome woodawg, to the forum. My opinion is to buy a new one and learn on it. One that you will use for long while.
Welcome to the forums!
Welcome Woodawg. My suggestion is to visit your local big box retailer and give a serious look at the routers on display. See how the settings are made, how they feel in your hands. Does the baseplate accept standard guide bushings? What attachments are available? All the magazines are running tool articles now, check those out. Decide on which router you want before trying to get a good deal. You will be spending good money for a plunge router, why not make sure you will be happy with it before you do? Once you have decided on which model you want check out garage sales, flea markets, perhaps there is a used tool store in your area? Considering the amount of time and research you will do, perhaps a new router combo kit with a fixed and plunge base is the best way to go. I like the Bosch 1617. See other posts for all the reasons. This will set you back about $190 most places, money well spent.

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