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Hello all

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Hello all,

I am fairly new to routing and to routers (1.5 years). But have been around wood working all of my life by helping my dad and friends with their wood working projects. I bought my first Fixed based Router and table Combo last year from Lowe's a GMC cheapy and now can kick my self for having it but so far it does what I want it to do. I burned up a few pieces of wood and scorched a few of the bits trying to learn to use it properly. But after trial and error I figured it out I think. I also used my dads old Craftsman Router and found out that alot of wood could go to saw dust in a hurry when I was inlaying wood to join 2 pieces of 2X12 Pine together to make the ends for my Church Pugh type benches that I am making out of a combination of 2X12 Pine and Treated pine. Now I have moved to making them out of Cypress. Wow it is amazing what a person can learn when searching the internet and then learning there are many ways to join wood. I was searching for a Planer Joiner and found this Routing Forum and decided to Join.

I recently took the Hi C plunge and purchased a new Bosch Plunge Router Combo kit, and a 13 inch Thickness Planer. :D This was decided after finding out how much cheaper it was to buy rough lumber compared to what Lowe's and Home Depot sold it for and I also wanted to start making things out of some of the hard woods and Cypress we have here in Southeast Louisiana. These 2 new tools will make an addition to my purchases last year of a Good Table saw and Miter saw.

My wife also recently bought some sign craft Spiral Craft templates that she wants some things made of.

My recent wood working on my own started out as a one time project of turning and old Antique bed frame (that belonged to my grandmother) into a bench and has ended up being more and more. My next purchase after a joiner will be a dust Collection system or it may come first. 2 good large shop type vacuums work for now.

I would like to one day sell some of my stuff but if not I will just make for family and friends. Anyway I like doing the detailed work and the relaxation from working with wood in my garage that is not only filled with junk, wood and wood working tools. :D

Not sure if anyone has heard of Hogan Hard Woods and some of you may have but where I live they have been real helpful in helping me select wood for my projects.

Oh I find it sad to say that I have been to some of our recent Arts and Craft shows in the area where I live and I cannot believe that some people take good wood make junk with it and sell it for quality crafted goods. Oh well just 2 cents from a newbie. ;) I learn as I go.

I have done alot of reading here and learned alot in 2 days just from reading thanks for a great forum.

My other big time consuming hobbie is Beta Testing OutPost FireWall and Computer AntiSpyware/Malware Forums. After being on line for about 10 years now. Wood Working has been a escape from the internet and my wife regaining some of her sanity from me not being on line all of the time. :D

Take care all nice meeting you and thanks for the helpful posted tips and tricks of routing wood.
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Welcome Randy! Hope you continue to enjoy the forum as much as I do.
Welcome to the forums GoonMan! Oh yeah, you gonna have lots of fun here! Excellent crowd to get information from! Once again, welcome! :D :D :D
Randy, welcome to the forums. Lots of knowledge and fun here. Glad you decided to join our group. :D

the "Doctor"
Welcome, Randy. I'm glad you found us. I recognize you from another forum, though I can't remember which one it was. Enjoy!!!
Good to have you here! Sounds like you have been a fast learner! I also checked out the sites you listed..... I too have a lot of interest.... but mostly woodworking now.

Thank you all for the Welcome. I have already picked up a wealth of info in the short time I have been here. :D

Boxer if it was a Computer Security/Antispyware Forums then we have crossed paths. I belong to several and am a Moderator in 3 Forums.

Thanks again all for sharing all of your knowledge and info. It is greatly appreciated.

reible if you or others need any info on other sites or have questions on some others let me know and I can get the information for you.

Actually my interests have turned from computers to more wood working which makes the boss happy. It is a true joy to display a finished product in your house for others to drool over. :D
Well I was wrong about what my dads old Router was that he gave me, it is a 1984 model Black and Decker 7613 I believe the tag on the side of the box said it was April or May 1984. LOL No wonder it makes so much noise. This thing has been used alot. But still ticking. I believe it is 1 1/2 Hp.
Hello GoonMan,

I was checking out those forums in your signature, look pretty interesting. I registered for the Suggest A Fix forums. Anyway, welcome to RouterForums.
Mark said:
Hello GoonMan,

I was checking out those forums in your signature, look pretty interesting. I registered for the Suggest A Fix forums. Anyway, welcome to RouterForums.

Hello Mark,

Thank you for the Welcome. SAF is a good forum I have been a member there for longer than I can remember. It was the first PC help forum I ever joined many moons ago. Any questions let me know. I know I will have plenty here. :D
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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