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Hello all

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Hi Everyone,

Hmm what to say... Woodwork and metal work was the only classes I ever got an A in outside of HTML projects in computer class :nerd: lol. I'm 17 years out of practice but finally have my own little shop. It looks terrible, the floor slants and the roof needs to be re-drywalled but it has a workbench and space for my tools. Gotta start again somewhere.

I discovered this forum while hunting for an answer and you seem to be a nice and informative bunch. :)
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Welcome to the forum Lana . It’s a very friendly forum with lots of helpful members . I hope you enjoy it here as much as I do .
Welcome to the forum Lana.
Really glad you decided to join the fun. I learned some basic woodworking from a carpenter I spent a couple of summers with as a youth. Later in theater where we built sets and props. Then many decades of fixit projects around the house. Then starting about 2001, I got serious and began accumulating tools.

Then we moved to the Desert and had a 12x24 shed installed. My wife had an electrician run power out to the shed and I wired, insulated and put ply wood walls up. Today I have a pretty nice shop setup out there with all my wood prep stuff in the garage. Ran out of room in the shed shop.

Make a lot of picture frames for my wife's paintings (she's retired too), and have a fully equipped shop now, even some specialty, single purpose tools. Bought all the stuff I wanted while I still had income, so it's all paid for and they're really good tools.

All of this is laid out in detail in the attached pdf, called 17 Things That Accelerated My Learning Curve. It's kind of long, but lots of stuff in it that you might find practical and helpful. Just don't try to do all of it at once.


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Hello and welcome to the router forum,Lana
Hi Lana and welcome. What part of BC are you in? Dan at's the coast, Rick is down in the southeast corner and I'm North Okanagan area.
Welcome to the Router Forums Lana.
Welcome aboard to our little corner of the universe.
Hey, again, Lana. I said 'Hi!' in your other thread but as usual, I missed this first thread...

As Charles mentioned I'm down here on the Sunshine Coast. If by some major coincidence you also live here, I thought I'd mention that we have a woodworkers guild here; first mtg. after the Summer will be in September.
Lots of other woodworking clubs around the Province.
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Thank you all for the warm welcome I think I'll like it here. I'm in the middle of Vancouver Island, 2 mins from the ocean Charles, and thank you Tom for the pdf. :)
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Passed through a couple of times...camping at Miracle Beach. In fact I believe I did pass through, at night, (and yes indeed it was 'Black'...) a couple of weeks ago, on my way from Campbell River down to Courtenay.
I love the Comox Valley; really beautiful area.
Welcome aboard.
Have an old optometrist frient who lives around there, Jim Cox. Has a little practice there to keep his hands in. He's really good.
Welcome to the forum, hope you can improve your skills like I do since I joined. Good luck!
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