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Hello all

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I'am from Madison Wis . glad to meet all of you hoping to learn. I have a bosch 1617 1618 I think its called and what I think is nice router table.
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Welcome to the forum Rich . You’ll like it here , as there’s a great bunch of helpful members here .
We like pictures if your willing to share

I read your profile and I believe your still looking to get a router table ? If I could do it all over I’d scratch build one
No,, I have a table now just uneasy about using it ?????
Welcome to the forum, Rich! And thank you for completing your profile - only about 1 in 50 do that, it seems.

You can show us some photos of your tools, shop, projects, router table, etc. whenever you get ready. Photos usually help and we like looking at pictures! :grin:

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Here's a couple of videos by Norm Abrams that may explain some basic things...

See if this helps...

Welcome to the Forum...
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Rich - there are a few folks here who have a Bosch 1617, myself included. And most here use a router table as well.
Welcome to the forum and please check out my response in your other thread.
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Welcome to the forum Rich.
Glad you decided to join the fun. I hope Stick will come along with a link to a number of documents that will also help. Getting your router into a table will greatly increase your safety. I only rarely use my 1617 freehand because I'm older and occasionally drop things. Using the router in a plunge base instead of the fixed base is also a safer way to use it freehand.

Personally, I don't like being anywhere near a spinning blade or bit. I use that fear to motivate me to think carefully about every cut I make. I also use push blocks and featherboards on the table to further decrease risk. Norm Abrams videos are really helpful as well.

If you decide to make dovetail joints, get one of the newer jigs you use on top of the table, so you move the jig with wood clamped in against the fixed table mounted router and bit. I have the older Katie jig by Sommerfeld tools, but there are other brands as well. Marc Sommerfeld has a number of videos on YouTube that show his technique for using a router table. He uses his own tools, bits, etc, but he's a cabinet maker who went into the tool busienss, and his videos are superb examples of how to get the most from a router. I don't think I've ever noticed him using a freehand router. I think there are more than a dozen all together. I sure have learned a lot from them.
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Hello and welcome to the router forum :) Rich
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