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Hello All

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Hello all I have just retired from flying for a corporation for 40 years
and am planning on doing more woodwork in my small shop. I am sure I
will have plenty of questions for members of this forum in the future. I
am still trying to organize my shop to make it more workable, am putting
my tools on rollers to be able to move them out to use them. I have a
problem working on my shop because of the requests from my family for
furniture projects.

Iflya10 :D
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Welcome to the forums iflya10 great to have you here. Look forward to talking about routers with you.
Welcome to the forum. There is a wealth of information available with in the forum and by asking. Enjoy.
Hello! Welcome to
Welcome to the forums Iflya10.
Yahoo, another retiree. Welcome to the forums iflya10. I love welcoming retirees. I too am retired. What is a 10?(iflya10). Glad you joined us.

the "Doctor"
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