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Hello all

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Just stumbled in to this place. Wanted to take a sec to introduce myself. Family and I live in Ohio, been into woodworking for about 10 years now. In the process of building a new router table. Look forward to talking with all of you.
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Hello wireman, welcome to, just curious what part of Ohio do you live in? I have some friends in Dayton.
Friends in Dayton!

Hey Mark, who said we were friends???????????? :D LOL :D

the "Doctor"
Woah? Dr.Zook you don't live in Dayton, do you?!
No, not Dayton!

No, not really. I live 12 due west of Dayton. Place called New Lebanon. :confused: But, no one has heard of the place so it's best to say Dayton. :D Most have an idea where it is. :cool:
Oh thats cool, I was just visiting Dayton Ohio a couple months ago, you should've told me earlier, I could have stopped by for a visit (drank your beer and ate your food :D).
Next time!

Next time you are down this way, let me know. I will ice down some brews and find you something to eat. My pleasure. :sold:
Haha, sounds great, I'll surely visit down there again sometime this year! Look forward to meeting you.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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