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hello all

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Dave, new to this forum. It looks loke a place to get and give info.

I just bought a Freud 3 1/4 hp plunge router and am making my own table I am looking at the Woodhaven insert either phenolic or aluminum for the sturdiest plate for this heavy router. Anybody used either one and know if the phenolic is heavy enough to support the haevier routers or if I need to go the the aluminum?

Thanks for your help.
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Hi Dave

Just about all the plates will hold a 3 1/4 HP router the KEY is the support lip. :)

see below

Bj :)


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Dave, many plates are guaranteed not to sag so go with one of these. With the many options available I am curious as to why you selected this particular brand? Do not misunderstand, there is nothing wrong with the product. I'm just curious about your selection process. I wanted to know what features you were looking for in your mounting plate.
I have a friend who has other Woodhaven items and he loves them so I figured this one would be good as well. I have not bought it yet but will this week unless you guys tell me that another one is better. I figured Aluminum would be stiffer than plastic, which is why I chose the aluminum one. I will now make sure that this piece is well supported as per comments.
Most of the phenolic are good but the aluminum plates are usually considered top of the line. I have a big Dewalt 3 1/4 HP on a phenolic plate and has remained flat for 2 years.. no problem. A lot of the time a particular manf aluminum plates have more features like a pre drilled hole for pin or milled with removable inserts to close in the hole where a lot of the phenolic plates are a fixed hole size.

Dave, W e l c o m e . . A b o a r d !!

Welcome to the forums Dave. Great place to give or get info, and with a name like Dave, you can't be all bad! LOL
Dave, spend a moment and click on the blogs link and read through Sawdust Dreams. I compiled many of the commonly asked questions and gave answers with a common sense approach. It may help you in choosing your mounting plate.
Welcome to the community! :D
Hey Dave, welcome to the community
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