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Hello and a warning!

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It's nice to find a forum on routing. I've been doing woodworking and laminate work for over thirty years. My Dad got me started with scraps of wood. Every year I had a 4 x 8 sheet of fir plywood for my Xmas train setup. After Xmas, he made something out of it for my mother. Thats where the scraps came from! I still think of Xmas everytime I smell fir plywood being cut!

My warning is for anyone doing plastic laminate work.
I tried out a new square teflon bearing trimmer bit last night. It's a neat idea.
I set it up and tried it on a countertop edge that won't be seen under a side splash. Worked great. The idea is that when you get close to the guiding material, the square teflon bearing stops spinning and glides against it.
The bad news is that the faces of the bearing (mine at least) are not all the same distance from the center of the bit!. Depending on which of the four sides of the bearing land on the guiding material, determines the amount of material that gets removed! Unfortunately, when I moved to the front edge of the counter, the side of the bearing that landed on the countertop edge was closer to the center of the bit thus allowing for the bit to cut deeper into the face of the laminate. With such a shallow angle on the bit, the change in the distance causes a big change in the cut! Be very cautious of these cutters. I'm done using them and going back to round bearing only!

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It is a Whiteside! Got it from That's all they sell.
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