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Hello and help

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I bought a Craftsman fixed base router Model No. 320.37595 a few years ago. Problem I have is that the micro adjustment depth control skips off every few turns. I cleaned everything with the router out of the base and no help there. The router is mounted in a router table.

Very disappointed in Chinese made Craftsman power tools.
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Welcome to the forum.
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Hello and welcome to the router forum.
A picture of the router adjustment may be helpful. Is this the style router where you turn a plastic ring to make those adjustments? If there isn't a solution found have you considered making or buying a router lift for you table? Just an idea that circumvents the router adjustment issue and if you use it a good deal this way may well be worth the time/cost.

BTW, welcome to the forum.
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As sreilly said you can always buy another lift. Is this a 1/2" router? If not then you'd be better off just buying a new or used router.
First, welcome to the fun.
We regularly have people posting here trying to find some thing or other for Craftsman tools. That company has a bad rep for abandoning prior model tools. I think you'd be much happier with a new or refurbished Bosch 1617. Get the EVSPK kit, which includes both the fixed and plunge base. Buying them separately runs the cost up significantly. Parts and service for Bosch is top notch.
Here's a link to the Owners Manual Link. Page 17 covers the micro adjustment. I have a similar Craftsman and the Micro adjust is often a [email protected]$%^. Give their instructions a try. Seems like I had some success by adjusting the tightness of the "Quick Clamp" but do that as a last resort. The main thing is to get the coarse adjustment very close to the desired depth.
Good Luck.
Is this the style router where you turn a plastic ring to make those adjustments?
Mine all have a ring. With what I do I don't need to make any up or down adjustments, plus the rings self-adjusted. So I super glued all the rings in place. Works like a charm. Hehehe
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