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Hello Everyone!

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I just joined this forum community. I appreciate the privilege to be part of this group!

I'm very new to CNC woodworking. I purchased a Masterwood Speedy 207 boring machine a couple of years ago that has since sat in storage. I'll be setting it up shortly, and will be posting a thread about that here today. As usual, not without problems, so hopefully someone here can help me out!

I also do quite a bit of conventional copy routing on a pin router, and own several hand-held routers to do simple edge and profile work.

Thanks to all!

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Glad you decided to join in. Lots of folks here into CNC and seem to like to help.
Hi Igor and welcome. We have a number of very capable CNC owners.
Igor Welcome to the Router Forums.

Not sure if this will help but here is an earlier post about the Masterwood Speedy 207 boring machine

Were you going to use this as a boring machine or were you wanting to try to convert it to a CNC router?
Welcome, Igor!
Welcome to the Forum Igor,

I see you are in Cornwall, about 30 minutes from me. I'm in western Quebec near the Ontario border.
Unfortunately I have no knowledge of how to operate a CNC. There are many others in this Forum who do and hopefully they can find the answers you need.


Hello and welcome to the router forum, Igor
Welcome to the forum fellow Canadian
Welcome to the forum Igor.
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