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Hello everyone!

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Hello everyone.
I'm from Vietnam and just found out this forum. I hope I could learn a lot from you guys here.
Thank you.
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Good morning and welcome. You'll find that there is a wealth of woodworking knowledge in this collective group and very willing to share . Many are newer members and there are some masters as well. Not only knowledgeable of routers, their uses, and techniques but all things woodworking. It will come up fast so let me be the one to get it out of the way and ask that you complete your profile information which will allow us to address you by your name instead of N/A.
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Good morning. Welcome to Router Forums.

We love to help newbies here, but please take the time to fill in your profile. Just below where you Login at the upper right of your screen, click on "Edit Profile" and it will take you there. First, it gives us a first name or nickname to address you, instead of the " N/a" for your name in the box to the left of your post. It also frequently helps us if we know what tools you have in your shop so we can provide advice about how you might be able to perform a needed woodworking step by using the tools that you have, instead of telling you how to do it in a way that requires you to buy new additional tools, although buying a new tool every now and then is part of the fun of woodworking. Although this forum is about woodworking routers, we frequently get into discussions about all forms of woodworking here.

We also love to see pictures of your work, and it sometimes helps if we can see a problem that you are having in order to provide solutions. If you have photos on your computer that you would like to show us, you can add them to your post by going to "Go Advanced" just below the window where you type the message. Then scroll down to the box labeled "Manage Attachments" and click on it. This will open a small window where you can choose the photo file on your computer to attach to your post. You can add several. When all have been added, look to the extreme right in this window for "Upload" and click on it. When you do your selected photos will be uploaded and attached to the bottom of your post in this forum, although not usually in the order that you selected them.

You will not be able to post links to websites or pictures that already exist on the internet until you have made 10 or more posts to this forum (it's our way of trying to reduce spammers). Just saying "hello" or "thanks" to some of our members via new posts is a quick way to get the needed 10 posts.

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Welcome Jacky
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Welcome to the forum.
Hi Jacky and welcome.
Glad you decided to join the fun. Not sure of your experience level, but you may find the attached pdf helpful. It's about the things that helped me speed up the learning curve. Might save you a few expensive errors as well.


Welcome to the forum:)
Welcome to the forum
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