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Hello Everyone!

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Hi Mark and Router Guys and everyone else on this forum. I live here in Coralville, IA near Iowa City where the great University of IA is located. Moved here from the New York/New Jersey area a few years ago and have to keep my mind busy because I miss the city life. I learned about two weeks ago and wasn't sure if I should join. Now I'm glad I did. I too watch "The Router Workshop" and enjoy the show. I didn't know you can do so much with a router until I started watching the show months ago. Now I own the router table that's similar to the one on the show and have books from "The Router Guys". The router table I have I built from the "Build Your Own Table System" that Oak-Park sells (I can post a picture of it if anyone wants to see it). I did some shopping around for router tables and compared the features and liked the one in the show. My wife supports my hobby and likes the projects that I can do with the router. There are so many other projects that I want to make. I already made a bookstand similar to the one the Router Guys made. Thanks to Bob and Rick for their expertise on using such a fine tool and thanks to Oak-Park for supplying the tools we need to make our hobby such a success. I look forward to reading the Router Forums often. Thanks guys and take care! :cool:

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Hi Boricua and welcome to the Router Workshop forums.
Welcome to Boricua, look forward to talking with you on your threads.
Thank you Router Guys and Ejant. Happy to be here. Nice web site!
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