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Hello Everyone

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I'm a big fan of your show. I would not claim to be anywhere near an expert woodworker, but I do enjoy piddling with projects. i find that precision cutting and assembling is a challenge and a great sense of pride when a project comes out perfect. I feel that quality of a project is more important than quantity. I would have to say that my router is the most versatile tool in my shop.

I don't have a complete line-up of tools, yet. It is hard for me to convince my wife to fork over the money.
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Hello Jim Dandy, welcome to the forums. You are going to have to make some nice projects for the wife. This way you can ask for more money to make her more things.
Glad you joined our group.

the "Doctor"
Welcome to the forums Jimdandy. Look forward to talking more about routers with you on our forums.
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