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Hello Everyone!

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Just been directed to your forum. Hope you guys will be able to help me with my new router - never done routing before, so a total newbie!

I'm sure that all my questions will be answered by the wealth of experience out there. Thank you all in advance
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Welcome Birdman, there are some good routermen here that is for sure!

Welcome to the forums Allen. Your questions will be answered. So don't be shy, ask.
Welcome Allen. Did you have any projects in mind? I suggest that the best first project is to build a router table. You will learn how to use your router, and minor mistakes wont matter since it is a tool and not a piece of fine furniture.
Come on in Allen.... this is a good place and you can get more answers than you can find questions for.

Welcome aboard.
Welcome to the forums Allen, glad you decided to join!
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