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Hello form the high desert

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Hello from the high desert

Hello Folks,

Just joined and I look forward to exchanging info. I am new at woodworking and I am full of questions.

I promised myself years ago that when I retired I would have a wood shop. Well I am, and I do :D .

Thanks in advance for all the help...

A rookie

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hellow back and welcome aboard. im sure you will find the answers to all guestions and project problems that may come up (hope there are none) but you can ask for help here and recieve intelgent answers. enjoy your new retirement.

Welcome Sarge! Glad to hear you got your woodshop. Do yourself a big favor and dont spend a ton of money on specialized tools until you are sure you need them. Seems like everyone gets a couple of pricey items that dont end up doing more than collecting dust.
Hey and Welcome to
Welcome retsgt!

Hmmm...retirement, I wonder what's that really like...hehe.. :D
Welcome Sarge, Congrats on retirement and a woodshop too. :D Sounds like you are off to a good start. Since you are full of it (questions that is) :D ask away. There are bunch of experienced people here and they are more than willing to help. Again congrats and welcome.

the "Doctor"
So another retired person joins our ranks! We are begining to build an army of us here. You do know that when you retire you end up being having more and more things to do so after a while you wish you were back on the job getting some time off to rest..... WHAT AM I SAYING...... BACK AT WORK?????? Sorry I just for got what it was like at work and it took me a few seconds to recall....

So since you will find you are so busy it might just as well be in the shop and reading the Forums... Welcome!

Well Sarge, these guys well try to tell you how rough retirement and woodworking are, but I'm here to tell you - I love 'em both. When I want to be creative, I'm in my shop. When I want to think about my next project, I'm in my shop. When I am tired, I'm in my shop. Hmmm - sounds like work. Ah, but the truth will out - I start when I want, I quit when I want and I take a short nap almost every day.

James is right Sarge, If I had known it was going to be this good, I would have retired 31.2 years ago. Altho where I USE to work, they say I did. :D

the "Doctor"
Thank you all for the kind words of welcome. I started my first project this week.

I have two grandkids due this summer so I intend on building cradles for both. Since it is my first project, I am building a "practice" piece out of pine. Even for practice, I'm going to have to find something elese to use. This "construction grade" stuff is so wet I run in to some interseting issues.

I'l try and find the proper forum to ask my question until then

Every day's a good woodworking day....
Welcome to the forum,s buddy,,Theres Alot of great peaple here to help just ask,,,,, (semi47) freman
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