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Hello From British Columbia Canada

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Hello and Merry Christmas to all.
I just now joined this site .I did belong to a couple pyrography sites years ago when I was doing a lot of scroll sawing and a little bit of pyrography.I went to get back on those sites and discovered the email address I used back then is no longer in existence because the server shut down. Those sites won't recognise me now because of that and the only way to get back on would be to contact the owners of those sites and get registered in that way . With a little searching I found this site where I could get in easily with my present email address .
Since dabbling in pyrography back then I went heavily into wood turning , primarily bowls and made and sold over 500 of them. Some very high end dizzy/vortex type ones . Now with the price of exotic woods I was using and the price of all other accessories and supplies , I have all but given up on turning and am going to try my hand at pyrography again. Sorry for the long winded intro but when I quickly started checking out the messages posted here I feel certain I will see some of my friends from back then .


Upon checking the Pyrography forum here it appears as if it is quite outdated. Is that true or am I just not looking in the right places.
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welcome William O Young...
Hello and welcome to router forum.
Welcome to the forum, William! Add your first name to your profile to clear the N/a in the side panel. Add your location, as well.

We do like photos of shops, tools, projects like dizzy bowls, etc. so show us some photos whenever you're ready. You can add your YouTube channel link in your description, as well.

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Welcome to the forum fellow BCer
Thanks guys but my main reason for coming back here was because there is a pyrography board in this site but it appears as if it is practically vacated with most recent posts prior to mine dated back to 2017 and 2018 .I have found another site with more interest to me so will move on.
Nice to see so many other active boards in this site so all the best to everyone here with interest in those particular boards .
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You could revive the thread...
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Hi William and welcome from near Vernon. It's true that I haven't seen anyone post in the pyrography section in a while. They come and go. There are some interesting native woods that could be used for turning that wouldn't cost you that much. Douglas maple is a weed species that can grow around here up to 8" in diameter but only short striaght sections. It has the grain of other maples but can have greenish heart wood. I have some Siberian elms in my yard and a large limb broke off one so I cut it up and the wood is gorgeous, a bright red with great medullary rays. Hawthorne is another weed species but can get up to 6-8". The sapwood is creamy colored with medium chocolate brown streaks. The heartwood is dark brown. Then there the fruit woods like cherry, pear, plum, and apple. Lots of choices for turning.
G'day William, welcome to the forum.
Welcome to the forum William.
I just bought the Lee Valley Pyrography set for my wife for Christmas. It's something I've always wanted to try ! and soon I will.
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